Security and compliance in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft company positions Teams as the most secure collaborative app in existence. But hackers are resourceful. However, the company’s security department is constantly monitoring Teams for possible vulnerabilities. Timely releases patches and updates that close potentially hackable points. In this time, there are many workshops and documentation for grow up administrators and users on different Microsoft portals and with active partner’s work.  


The first users must use MFA all time. MFA deploys in Azure Active Directory for users and all Microsoft products. You can find different MFA versions but free it will be enough to protect from the unauthorized access. This solution can be used for different groups and users, but sometimes it is not enough. For deeper and located policies exist conditional access in Azure AD.

Registration employee’s mobile devices in Azure AD

The second, all employee`s mobile devices must be registration in Azure AD and Microsoft Intune. Intune and Azure AD have different strong policies and tools to protect all data in Microsoft Teams. When many users have remove work, it is very important to protect corporate data. In case when user can lose the phone, all corporate data can be lost.  

Intune policies

Many users use Microsoft Teams on personal and corporate mobile devices. That`s why all customers must implement Intune and its policies. They help to protect corporate data on the devices form stilling, malware and lack of important updates. 


Azure Information Protection is one of power solution for protect corporate data. It works with documents which marked with labels with encryption policies and access to the content of the document. That’s why some person who don`t have access to file with labels won`t send or read information in the document. 

These and many others Microsoft security policies can help you protect corporate data in Microsoft Teams. 

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