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Flexible, scalable and secure corporate video conferencing platform.


  • security
  • flexible deployment and scaling
  • compatibility (access from any devices and platforms)


Reliable Cloud Solutions. Snowflake combines the flexibility of big data platforms, the elasticity of the cloud, and the full power of a modern data warehouse.


  • flexibility of big data platforms and cloud elasticity
  • the highest level of scalability
  • secure data exchange process

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A cloud platform that provides more than 200 full-featured services for data centers around the planet.


  • great functionality
  • maximum security
  • tested reliability of operation

Google Cloud platform

Set of cloud services. The platform provides a wide range of tools and various APIs for developers and businesses.


  • protected infrastructure
  • safe and full-featured service
  • open source and optimal pricing policy

G Suite

All the conditions for business anywhere in the world. These are software applications for the formation of the Internet infrastructure.


  • a set of popular and necessary services
  • maximum security and flexibility of its parameters
  • facilitated communication through various channels

Microsoft Azure

Provides a wide range of cloud services. Such services allow you to deploy and manage work programs with a wide range of tools.


  • allows you to create applications using any programming language, platform or tool
  • integration of disparate applications in the cloud environment

Micro Focus

Offers open, integrated and backward-compatible software to help integrate existing and new technologies.


  • increase the speed of application release
  • strengthening cyber resilience
  • simplification of the IT transformation process
  • timely analytics

Microsoft Office 365

Innovative Office applications, smart cloud services and world-class security tools.


  • current versions of classic and mobile Office programs
  • sharing and storing files in the OneDrive cloud storage
  • the license covers fully installed Office programs

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