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Modern companies division, causes their location to be not only in different cities but also in different countries. A qualified IT infrastructure provides them with continuous and successful operation.

That means all level management, communication and performance of current tasks in time. G Suite software products, represented by Google, make it possible and easy to build efficient operations. Those could be actively used not only in the business environment, but also by ordinary users.

If you are involved in the management of medium or large businesses, your partners are located in other cities and the company's activities are characterized by a wide geographical coverage, Google G Suite services are an effective solution for working together. These are software applications for the formation of Internet infrastructure.

They are easy to use and regularly updated. It is necessary to choose the right IT architecture for their continuous functioning, and experienced professionals will help to solve the issue.

Client G Suite receives are presented as a set of corporate cloud services. The main group of applications includes:




Chat messaging


Video conferencing from any point in the world


Cloud disk for storing large amounts of data without booting the computer


Calendar and more.

All of the above services are well known to users of smartphones, tablets, PCs. With the right selection and setup, they will simplify any business activity, regardless of its area.

Effective business management is already in your hands

Significant advantage of G Suite cloud services is that they create the ability to centrally adjust settings, as:


Changing security settings. There is an administration console through which users could be added to the system and deleted by a responsible person. Information access from various devices is also under control.


Business meetings planning - the process is carried out using a calendar.


Access to corporate information is available from any device designated by the admin.


Working together with partners and colleagues. Allows you to edit files with automatic saving changes. Thus, there is no need to send data.


Communication. Allows you to organize HD video conferencing with employees, regardless of distance.

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Mitibi LLC & G Suit

Thus G Suite installation requires some knowledge. Mitibi specialists will help you choose the optimal Internet architecture and implement it. We have been working on the Ukrainian IT market since 2008 and have been installing IT products from the best developers.

Apply now and we will prepare the best online solution for you. Tariffs for G Suite implementation depend on the complexity of the selected services configuration for collaboration.

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