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Google has always strived for innovative solutions in the Internet technology field. The brand had been widely associated with the popular search engine, but it has gone much further! The corporation is in continuous development. Google Cloud platform is considered as the evidence.

The Google Cloud project is highly praised not only by representatives of medium and large businesses, but also by ordinary users. The storage service that does not clutter up the hard drive of a computer or laptop with gigabytes is a perfect example.

Convenience for private users and for entrepreneurs - they can not only be safe while storing valuable data, but also reduce the cost of maintaining equipment.

In this context, we must mention the "Google Maps" or Gmail mail service, which are the kinds of "classic" approaches. Even the levers of the legendary YouTube video platform are also managed by Google.

All this confirms the company's reputation as one of the largest players in the field of IT technology. Today, the best products of the brand are available in Ukraine.

Technological progress is running the world. The series of software products with which any company can build an ideal IT infrastructure for business and effective management.

Successful implementation steps to pay attention to:
- company activity;
- scale - staff, number of departments, geographical location;
- financial opportunities.

The Google Cloud platform delivers the following software products to the global market:


Cloud Datastore – a cloud database for storing documents.


Compute Engine – a set of virtual machines for various tasks.


Kubernetes Engine – a special system for automatic deployment, scaling of applications in special virtual containers.


BigQuery – infrastructure for databases and analytics based on cloud computing.


Auto ML – a series for machine learning, has found application in the creation of neural networks.

Each offer with a wide range of features

Innovations that change the IT architecture of the enterprise are presented as well. The Google Cloud virtual machine, created according to business requests, allows you to manage all computing processes without the server involvement. The Google Cloud service provides unlimited space for secure data storage.

Success / Evolution / Progress

Fine balance of complex IT solutions

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Mitibi LLC & Google Cloud platform

Evaluate the tremendous potential of Google Cloud platform in practice. As numerous companies have done, now it is the time for you to join them! Implementation of IT infrastructure is not an easy task, regardless of the format of the enterprise. The process requires careful processing, adjustment, testing, which involves time and money.

If you decide to create a cloud configuration for business using Google Cloud Server, contact Mitibi company. We work with the world's best developers in Internet solutions. One of the leaders in this area is Google. We will develop a functional cloud system in accordance with your requests, focusing on the specifics of the business.

Implementing the new IT configuration with Cloud platform, we not only present its capabilities, but also conduct training for customer staff. Google develops advanced Internet models for various business areas, while we represent them in Ukraine. Leave a request. Our team can make your business even more efficient!

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