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Flexible, scalable and secure corporate video conferencing platform

About brand

Pexip provides its customers with the opportunity to organize corporate video conferencing on its own hosting, as well as a service based on Pexip Infinity technology.

Mitibi is an authorized reseller in the Pexip services full range provision creating distributed video conferencing systems for companies, compatible with almost any endpoint video communication devices, both hardware and software.

Mitibi's partnership with Pexip provide customers with quality video conferencing architecture and services customization between companies and different platforms, based on years of experience in video services.

Pexip innovative solutions help ensure the best possible device and platform compatibility, including interoperability with Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Hangouts Gateway, and video system device registration.

Pexip provides its services for many areas: education, finance, health and government, offering clients a range of solutions:


Platforms for corporate video communication, supported by any device


Complete organization of videoconferencing infrastructure (network architecture, software, call control)


Pexip for Microsoft and Google Hangouts Meet - Configure video conferencing endpoints for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts Meet

Interesting to know

At the same time, the company is guided in the process of work by the important principles of flexible deployment, scaling that are ideal for each specific organization, compatibility, security (Pexip solutions take into account all the principles of the corporate data protection) and environmental responsibility (offering customers the most energy-efficient solutions).

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Mitibi LLC & Pexip

Pexip software can help unify enterprise communications and virtual conference room solutions. At the same time, participants are be able to use any device and tool in order to join the collaboration (phones, browsers, traditional video conferencing services, as well as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Google Hangouts Meet), with the ability to seamlessly exchange data between all platforms.

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