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About brand

Snowflake Corporation provides reliable cloud solutions trusted by the largest business representatives in their fields, such as: Adobe, Capital One, Logitech, Lionsgate, and others.

Snowflake core business is the ability to work with data for any organization.

It is possible due to the highest scalability of cloud storage, secure data exchange and instant pricing across multiple clouds at the same time.

Snowflake combines the flexibility of big data platforms, the elasticity of the cloud, and the full power of a modern data warehouse.

Snowflake has developed a new type of SQL data warehouse to address the challenges of standard data warehouses, such as lack of flexibility, over-complexity, over-cost, resource-intensiveness, and the need for specialized skills.


When creating the storage, a successful implementation of a new unique architecture was realized, a solution developed from scratch, specifically for cloud use, was launched, and a modern approach was applied.


That presents the data warehouse as a service that does not require configuration, setup and storage center direct management.


Snowflake ecosystem is ideal for providing users with cutting-edge analytics across the entire pool of combined data.

This is possible due to the company's partnerships with leaders in the field of data integration and management, as well as leading business analysts.

Success / Evolution / Progress

Mitibi LLC
Fine balance of complex IT solutions

Time to upgrade your IT​


Mitibi LLC & Snowflake

Mitibi's integration of the Snowflake service provides organizations with access to the most modern ways of storage organizing, exchange and access to information, as well as effective analytical tools implementation. .

Mitibi, as a company specializing in complex solutions, which has many years of experience in using server hardware and cloud solutions, is ready to implement systems using Snowflake data storage of varying complexity, taking into account the specifics of the partners business, their tasks and financial capabilities

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