Mitibi LLC
Improvement and automation of business processes

Analytics App runs on IoT & AI & ML platforms. 

Includes the following tools:

  • Software for statistical data analysis. Enterprise activity evaluation together with  predictive models projection.
  • Services to collect and analyze the main enterprise indicators without human intervention.
  • Production data monitoring and processing using IoT & AI.
  • System critical indicators automation functions and response algorithms creation.
  • Enterprise robotizing processes tools. Bot, as a simple example, automatically communicates with clients via chat.

The range of tool sets and services are provided based on the client existing resources:

  • we provide a set of tools and services that facilitate the development and deployment of PaaS cloud applications.
  • provide a script for deploying and running IaaS software solutions
  • we offer hybrid scenarios based on the tasks set by the customer

Mitibi offers:

  • analysis solutions, IT infrastructure monitoring and security: hardware, operating systems and applications.
  • infrastructure assessment to comply with the company requirements.
  • anomalies identification and options for business space modernization.
  • system reliability control (anti-virus protection, archiving, protection against unauthorized access, etc.), security and network perimeter protection insurance.
  • protection against all popular external cyber threats and insider attacks, including zero-day attacks.

In-depth analysis, selection and implementation of office work on the basis of SaaS (Software as a Service – “software in the form of service”) – programs that run in the cloud, and access to which end users receive via the web: e-mail, environment for sharing work and communication of employees, tools for communication and storage of documents, etc.

Quite often, when after the work and transfer of project documentation to the customer, IT specialists do not fully understand the specifics of the new technology.

Do not waste time searching for the necessary knowledge, we will give it to you!

  • A certified instructor will help train your IT professionals.
  • We conduct training seminars for your company’s employees.

Ready to take your business to the next level?