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Intelligent digital transformation

About brand

Michibi is a certified reseller and integrator of Micro Focus advanced solutions, the largest vendor of enterprise software.

The company proposal portfolio includes over 1,800 existing patents. An additional 900 are under consideration, indicating continuous product improvement.

Choosing the IT service provided by Mitibi, you get access to the best service and technology in the world.

Micro Focus offers open, integrated and backward compatible software that helps integrate existing and emerging technologies, eliminating risky strategies, avoiding unnecessary interruptions to systems, and allowing you to work and change at the same time.

Micro Focus calls this approach “smart digital transformation”.

The company's solutions accelerate, simplify and help protect and analyze business processes. Micro Focus four main factors:


Increase the speed of application release (DevOps services in any system, from multi-frame to cloud).


Cyber resistance strengthening.


Simplification of the IT transformation process.


Timely analytics (accurate forecasts, automation of monitoring and identification of threatening conditions).

Interesting to know

Customers who choose software from Micro Focus are able to manage enterprise services without restrictions using built-in search engines, automation tools and artificial intelligence technologies, providing ample freedom for users and agents.
As well as:

• tools and privileges that are aimed at increasing the business profitability;
• expert support in establishing business processes;
• consultations of leading experts on software solutions.

Success / Evolution / Progress

Fine balance of complex IT solutions

Time to upgrade your IT​


Mitibi LLC & Micro Focus

Among the most popular Micro Focus products is Data Protector, a data backup and recovery solution. In addition, the company offers its own hosting solutions, Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition, which is integrated into the COBOL development environment, a set of management applications and many more solutions for the full cycle of application development.

Today, Micro Focus provides its services in the field of digital economy to more than 40 thousand clients around the world. The official partnership with Micro Focus is our honourable opportunity for Ukrainian business. Super-powerful technologies are available to you with Mitibi!

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