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DellEMC (EMC Corporation until 2016) is an American company, one of the largest corporations in the world in the market of products, services and solutions for storing and managing information.

EMC's core business is the storage systems and information infrastructure management software development and manufacture.

Dell EMC enables organizations to modernize, automate and transform their data center with leading converged infrastructures, servers, storage technologies and data protection.

Businesses gain a solid foundation to transform their IT and develop new and better ways to work through hybrid cloud, cloud-native applications, and big data solutions.

In most businesses, from any field, information is an important and carefully guarded asset. On the one hand, these are technologies, existing developments, projects, development strategy plans, rationalization proposals, and on the other, employees personal data.

The above information, as a rule, should not go outside the organization. This is why you need a reliable storage system. It is not so easy to implement it at an enterprise. In order to have a tangible result, it is necessary to use the products of well-known developers. DellEMC has proven itself in this direction at the world level.

DellEMC Corporation was formed as a result of the merger of two well-known brands in 2016. Dell, a computer hardware manufacturer, took over EMC, which developed storage software products. Demands at the IT market:












Data Domain and other solutions.

DellEMC database storage system and software allow you to create an effective information management model.

Interesting to know!

Dell EMC storage is an all-flash array built with innovative multi-cloud technologies. Data storage systems are divided into: basic, file and object. The group also includes converged infrastructures. The data storage process is provided by Power Edge technology, which makes it possible to simultaneously deploy up to 10 thousand servers, which will reduce the load on the computer.

For data protection, equipment saving up to 77% of energy is used. It operates to implement a set of Dell EMC Networking solutions. Including Ethernet switches, wireless networks that power access platforms and innovative software.

Our experts inform you which Dell EMC equipment to choose for your business. They offer the ideal solution for a software architecture that simplifies network management.

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Ukrainian IT market is implementing projects for organizing a data storage system using hardware and software from Dell EMC. Our company acts as your assistant in this direction.

Through partnership with Dell EMC, we can actually buy both hardware and software at an affordable price.

Leave a request, call, and we assist you in choosing the hardware and software for your company.

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