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The world's leading premium innovative professional and enterprise VoIP phones manufacturer. Founded in 1997, Snom pioneered the VoIP industry with the world's first IP phone in 2001. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Today, Snom product portfolio meets all the business communication requirements including: call centers, conference rooms, executive management, and secure industrial environments.

As a subsidiary of VTech Holdings Limited, since 2016, Snom has offices in Italy, UK, France, Taiwan and embodies an excellent global reputation in the Voice-over-IP market.

Snom products are renowned for their technical innovation, aesthetic design, user friendliness and excellent sound quality.

The current product portfolio is universally compatible with all leading PBX platforms. Snom products have won numerous awards around the world based on independent experts' expertise.

Snom's IP solutions, developed in Germany, are also an excellent choice for vertical markets such as healthcare and education looking for specialized solutions in the fields of business communication, IoT and smart technologies.

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